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Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott Defends the Curfew


Baltimore Curfew Fact Sheet

Baltimore Curfew Fact Sheet

Skating the Curfew

Skating the Curfew

By Taesha Poteat The scraping sounds of skateboards on concrete and iron rails can be heard throughout Hanlon Park. A group of Baltimore youth armed with customized skateboards, Vans backpacks, and Monster energy drinks gather around to show off their skills to one another. Among the group of teens is Joseph “Joey Savage” Guillen, a […]

A Debate Rekindled

By John Douglas On the second floor of Baltimore City College High School on a Thursday afternoon in October, 22 students pace the room which buzzes like a bee hive with 22 different monologues going on simultaneously. The students are preparing for a weekend debate tournament, speed-reading from their research, racing through topics such as […]

Night in the Life of a Baltimore Teen: Hanging Out in ‘the Pit’

By: Amira Hairston On Tuesday Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. on North Castle Street and Orleans Street in Baltimore, Md., a group of young men gather for another night of innocent fun. The neighborhood that they gather in is located directly across from a Citgo station, which acts as the neighborhood convenience store and right […]

Tale of Two Cities: New York City and Baltimore Try Similar Tactics with Teens

By Jada Vanderpool In New York City, where police stopped 532,991 New Yorkers in 2013 and where more than 41 percent of them were young black and Hispanic men aged 14 to 24, they call it “stop and frisk.” In Baltimore City, where police stopped 147 young people young people during August and September of […]

Morgan Students Talk about Cop Stops